Do Not Disturb (my stuff)

You probably know the feeling: you slide your card key in the door, it beeps, you walk in to your hotel room.

Your things aren’t where you left them. The bed is made. It looks like you never used the bathroom — the used towels are gone and the rack is full of fresh ones.

Some people might love this. How nice to have someone clean up after you! It bothers me. I don’t really want some stranger in my hotel room. I don’t think I need fresh towels every day, or to have someone else make my bed. I’m not really all that keen on having people do everything for me.

Just about every hotel room I’ve been in comes with an easy solution: the “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. I’ve now made it my default practice to hang it on the door when I first enter the room, and to take it off only as I’m on my way to check out. This saves me the weirdness of having people in my room going through my stuff (genuine espionage excepted, probably), it saves the housekeeping people time, and it saves water, detergent, electricity and more.

Surely other people must do this. Do you?