Survival Exercise

I’ve never been any good at sports involving flying objects. I used to think that meant I would never enjoy anything athletic. Of course, I was in pretty bad shape at the time, which didn’t help.

Now I’m in much better shape. I still can barely throw a football or a baseball with any distance or accuracy, but I’m passable at a few things, namely swimming, running, bicycling, and rock climbing (of the indoor variety). It occurred to me at some point that these are useful athletic activities to practice both for literal survival, and for accomplishing various tasks that are not life-threatening. For example:

  • Swimming: Life or Death – Falling out of a boat that’s moving fast enough that you can’t just get right back in. Other tasks – You dropped something really important off a dock and it’s not pointless to get it back (i.e. in the case of a cell phone).
  • Running: Life or Death – Someone is trying to kill you, or a velociraptor is after you. Other tasks – Your first of two flights was running late. The second is on the other side of the airport and will leave in 5 minutes. Go!
  • Bicycling: Life or Death – OK, can’t think of anything for this one. Other tasks – Making groceries, commuting, etc.
  • Rock Climbing: Life or Death – You were working on the roof and lost your footing. You manage to catch yourself on the edge of the roof / gutter. Other tasks – anything on a ladder in an awkward position. I used climbing techniques setting up for our wedding reception, and was a lot more comfortable on a ladder than I had been before starting rock climbing.

I suppose throwing things (i.e. spears) could be important to post-apocalyptic survival. In that case, I’m screwed.

2 thoughts on “Survival Exercise

  1. Maria

    You are still a dork (though I mean that in the best way possible–seriously).

    In regards to bicycling, you can apply cycling skills in life/death situations: The knowledge one gains in visuospatial problem solving (how do I reattach the chain? how do I find the hole in the tire tube? etc.) can potentially help you connect the correct wire to a device. Or something.

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