There’s a relatively new service available on the interwebs at It’s basically Cite-U-Like specifically tailored for on person’s papers — your own.

You can import common bibliographic formats such as RefWorks and Bibtex, and for those in the medical field, directly search for and add papers from PubMed. It then appears (though I haven’t investigated thoroughly) that you can add various details including PDFs of or links to your papers. I already sort of do this on my publications page, but this has a slick interface and is independent of my web server.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to want you to embed the nice resulting list directly in your web page. I’m sure there are ways around this with some clever PHP, but that would probably violate the terms of use. They do give you a nice button though:

Publications list

Similar to .

Their business model seems to be based on getting whole organizations to subscribe to their service, but individual accounts are free. Might be worth looking into if you’ve been meaning to put your list of publications online, but have been too lazy or whatever to type them all out somewhere.

ADDENDUM 2007-09-29 @ 17:43 EDT: Apparently they allow embedding if you are a paid member.