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Comment Spam Filter – My Apologies

I want to apologize if you’ve left a comment recently that never showed up. For some reason, I am not getting emails when new comments are posted lately. I am going to contact my web host to have this fixed. It has happened before.

I’ve moderated all of the comments that were in the moderation queue. Most were spam, but thanks to those of you who posted non-spam comments!

Mac OS X Professional

It has occurred to me over my several days of using Leopard at work that it looks a lot more professional than the older versions of Mac OS X. Everything is cleaner and sharper (with the exception of that ridiculous dock), less cartoony.

Contrast this with Windows, in which the default theme has become more and more overwrought and cartoony with each release.

Third Time’s the Charm? Re-reading GEB (again)

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. It has been described as, “The book for which there is no appropriate description.” It incorporates symbolic logic, cognitive science, Zen Buddhism, mathematics, consciousness, art, music, and much more. I first heard of it my freshman year of college while browsing E2, where it was (mostly) discussed with reverence and awe. Intrigued, I ventured over to the Tulane book store, and was happy to find that they carried it.

I bought it. The first time.

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