Request for Critiques

I would like to improve my blog writing. As far as I know, my English is generally correct. While I welcome grammatical and spelling corrections, I am seeking critiques of my writing style specifically. I’ve read a few books on how to improve one’s writing style, and I have subscribed to some blogs that espouse ways of improving one’s writing, but what really matters is how my readers feel about my writing.

After discussing this with my wife (my first critiquing recruit), what I’m specifically looking for are answers to these questions:

  • What percentage of the posts on this site do you read in their entirety? Rough estimates (say, to the nearest 25%) are fine.
  • Why do you skip or just skim some posts?
  • If you are reading a post and suddenly lose interest, do you know why? Too much jargon? Train of thought too hard to follow? If you are so generous as to volunteer some critiques, please pay special attention to this in the future, and comment on the relevant post when it happens.

What have you noticed?