Managing Your Reading List With Readeroo and Firefox

“I’ll bookmark this to read later.”

Sound familiar? Do you ever actually read it? If you’re like me, probably not. Or, maybe once every two years, at which time you’ve forgotten why you wanted to read half of the things you’ve bookmarked and just delete most of them. Maybe you even put things in or a similar bookmark manager with a handy “toread” tag, but still never go visit that tag.

Readeroo takes care of all of that. It’s a wonderfully simple plug-in for Firefox that does three things:

  1. Saves pages that you want to read to a specific tag (default: toread — happened to already be my own to-read tag!)
  2. Brings up your to-read pages either randomly, oldest first, or newest first (FIFO or LIFO for the geeks)
  3. Marks pages read (with an arbitrary tag) or un-bookmarks them after reading

After configuration, all of this is done through two small buttons in your Firefox toolbar. Things like this are why, despite the awful, awful memory leaks, I still can use no browser besides Firefox.

Thanks to Renaissance Man and his source, Pewari for pointing this out.

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