My Wallet (Or Lack Thereof)

I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks over the last two or three years because of how I carry my cards and cash. I abandoned wallets of any kind because they either (a) more than double the volume of what I’m carrying or (b) they have too much stuff in them. That is, if there’s enough in them that they don’t double the volume, it’s too much and sits funny in my pocket.

Luckily, I found the solution with cheap and plentiful office supplies. (Please note, I will show you that the Money Band and its cousins are both unnecessary and way overpriced. They are akin to pet rocks.) All you need are a thick rubber band of a certain length, and a paperclip. Any size paperclip will do, but the larger ones work better.


Money Bands: $0.60 each
Rubber Bands: $0.016 each
Jumbo Paper Clips: $0.006

Or, look at it this way:

Money Band: 1-year supply for $3.00
Paper Clips / Rubber Bands: Lifetime supply for you and all of your friends for $10.30

I think the choice is clear. The way of wrapping the rubber band that I use is also superior. It’s also nice not to have to take out everything at once — just the money or the cards. The two don’t really fit together properly, even with a Money Band.