Mardi Gras is Not About Flashing

There’s a problem that New Orleanians often encounter when trying to encourage people to come for the Mardi Gras (said, “da Mawdi Graw”) — namely, they think it’s all about flashing (boobs for beads!).

With that in mind, I took some pictures this year to highlight the fact that it’s only that way in the French Quarter. And I’ve never been to the French Quarter during Mardi Gras, because I’m not insane. Here are some of the pictures.

More Ladders
Here are some kids watching a marching band from their ladder contraptions. I’m not sure what these are really called, but most people with young children seem to have them. They’re a combination of a ladder, a wooden seat box, and wheels. Most of the time the axle of the wheels is used to hold the kids in. People fold them up, roll them to the parade on the wheels, set them up, stand on the back, and load the kids in. The kids can see well and it’s easier for them to get beads. The downside is that these things can totally block up access between the neutral ground and the parade route.

Here’s another one, without wheels.
Ladder Contraption

In between the different parades, people walk around the parade route, throw freshly-caught Nerf footballs to each other, and so on.
Between Parades
This shot shows one of the things I love about New Orleans, the oak-lined avenue of St.Charles.

Don’t get me wrong — there are certainly the occasional risqué elements of floats and costumes. Someone must have realized what this cross looked like before it was complete:
Interesting Cross

Clearly the Mardi Gras is good wholesome fun — even the Pope was there:
The Pope
(sorry about the poor quality — it was dark and I forgot the flash)

Finally, Mardi Gras does involve a lot of drinking. If you don’t want your kids to see drinking, well, then I guess Mardi Gras is not for you after all. Here’s a guy who looks like he’s done a lot of drinking of a certain beverage:
Crown Coat

So, if you don’t mind the presence of alcohol, Mardi Gras can be a great experience for your family. Please join us some time for the parades!

Lastly, here’s a steam engine, calliope, and band that we saw in two different parades:

Today is Mardi Gras Day — Happy Mardi Gras everyone!

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  1. Maria

    Very nice–experiencing Mardi Gras in still life through a monitor. 😉 Thanks for the photos.

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