How Many iPods Do You Own?

There’s an interesting iPod ownership survey over on — a site I often find answers on when doing Google searches for Mac issues. I have three, though one of them was an old Shuffle found lost on the street in our neighborhood, so I’ve only ever purchased two.

How many do you own? Take the poll here.

So far “1” is winning with “2” and “3” close behind.

2 thoughts on “How Many iPods Do You Own?

  1. Megs

    Does it ask how old your iPods are? One of mine is ancient with no battery life, but I keep it around as a sort of external harddrive.

  2. brock Post author

    Nope, but I imagine that most people have one or two at most that they currently use as their “iPod” and the others serve secondary purposes if they have more.

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