The Rosewood Thieves

Last year (or was it in 2006?) I went with some friends to see the band “Live”, uh, in person. I wasn’t that impressed. However, the band that opened for them was awesome. That band was The Rosewood Thieves. I bought their CD (From the Decker House), containing a mere six tracks, on the spot, and after listening to it a few times was hungry for more. The lead singer seems to be channeling the ghost of John Lennon.

Lo and behold, some years later my hunger has been partially sated. They have released more tracks for “From the Decker House”, and another album entitled “Lonesome EP.” They have a vintage rock sound, with a lot of rock organ and the aforementioned channeling of John Lennon. Unfortunately, I was not in New Orleans a few days ago to hear them play live at the Circle Bar.

Now, I’m not known for my excellent taste in music, but based on the reactions of others with better reputations, I can heartily recommend you check them out. I only hope they have more albums coming.

ADDENDUM: Looks like they have another album coming this summer, and you can check out a free track, “She Don’t Mind The Rain”, here. I don’t like it as much as some of the stuff on “From the Decker House”, just as a point of quality reference.