Vacation Notice

I’ll be traveling around Europe, mostly Austria and a little in Germany and the Netherlands, from this evening through the evening of August 30th. As such, my ability to communicate will be diminished.

I’ll acquire a local SIM card and post the number here if I get a chance. I’ll change my GrandCentral voicemail greeting so that it gives the number. Also, this and my other domains are in the process of being transferred between registrars. I had thought it would be done by now, but it’s not. Therefore, I’ve asked a friend to take care of the details while I’m away, but you may see some interruption in the availability of this and some of my other sites (like Please accept my apologies in advance.

Assuming the site is up, I do hope to post pictures when I get the chance, and updates on how things are going.

If you need to get ahold of me while I’m gone, your best bet is to call my GrandCentral number, +1-(651)-967-7961, and leave me a message. I’ll be checking my voicemail regularly and will be able to call you back pretty cheaply. SMS to whatever my Austrian number is will also be a fast and economical method of getting ahold of me. If you choose to do that, please keep in mind that Austria is 6 time zones ahead of EDT, and 7 ahead of CDT.