So, you haven’t heard much from me in a while. The little one has been using up great amounts of my time and attention. (And she’s totally worth it).

However, I’m finally getting back into the swing of things with work, around the house, etc. I’ve started roasting my own coffee, which is great, and Amanda got me an espresso machine that should be arriving within hours in which to use my freshly-roasted beans.

The thing that has been using up the greatest amount of my “free” time (whatever that means these days) has been hacking on an improved email client for the new “Google Phone”, the G1. The included email client was utter crap, to put it kindly, not even as sophisticated as the client on my little Razr2 v8 flip phone. However, someone forked the open-source email client that came with the device into a project called K-9. The name is derived from that of an old UNIX-y email client called mutt, the idea being that K-9 (canine) is a sort of androidy name for a dog, I guess.

Anyway, the client has been rapidly improving. I haven’t done much — just a few bug fixes here and there, and possibly the addition of some bugs (hope not) — but several people are working on it. It’s already getting rave reviews in the Android market, particularly since people have only the crappy built-in client an an alternative. Heh. I don’t know Java, really, but that hasn’t been stopping me. It’s not that different from Python and C++. Anyway, if you have a G1, check it out. We’re improving performance, fixing bugs, and adding features all of the time.