Monthly Archives: February 2011

Blue Canaries Gaining Popularity

My blue canary night lights are now selling quite well. When I ordered them in bulk, I was more than a little worried I might not be able to sell them all. Now I’m worried I’m going to run out too soon!

I have developed a massive following on Facebook, through an equally massive amount of advertising spending. I’m half expecting Facebook to assign me an account manager, the way I’m going. I’m happy to say that the kind of people that like my lights are generally a very gregarious group, and I am honored to have all 6000+ of them as fans of my page. You can find the Facebook page here if you’re curious.

I owe a few words of gratitude to the people that helped make the night light such a success. First, to Tim Ferriss for writing The 4-Hour Workweek (that’s an affiliate link FYI). That book has helped me in so many ways. It inspired the blue canary project. It helped me carry it out. That brought me extra income, and tons upon tons of business experience that I have applied toward my ventures at CardioSolv.

Second, to Kevin Hall. Kevin is a friend of the family, and an expert on business processes. Last time we were in Seattle, we got together and started talking about our current projects, and Kevin gave me some extraordinarily useful advice about how to reach my target audience. I’ve already thanked Kevin in person, but I figure a little extra google juice doesn’t hurt, right?

Finally, to my fans and customers, fellow fans of a certain band. As mentioned earlier, you are all awesome and I am grateful to be in some way affiliated with you. I hope the canaries continue to live up to your expectations.