Using a Linode disk image on another machine (specifically a KVM guest)

As I mentioned the other day, before shutting down and deleting my Linode, I made a complete copy of the system image using dd per the instructions on the Linode site, using Finnux. I was a bit confused trying to access the contents of that image (EDIT: In a Linux KVM guest), but it turned out to be fantastically simple.

Someone pointed out here that the image produced using the dd command piped through SSH is simply a filesystem, the contents of a partition, and as such no partitions or partition table are visible. To load the image in my new web server and mount it I did the following.

On the guest:

sudo modprobe acpiphp

On the host:

virsh attach-disk <guest name> </path/to/lvm logvol holding the image> vdc --driver phy

On the guest again:

sudo mkdir /mnt/tmp
sudo mount /dev/vdc /mnt/tmp

Done. Hope this helps someone else as well.