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Vertical Toilet Paper Holder – Scooped!

Lately, with my 3d printer to inspire me, I’ve been thinking of all sorts of household gadgets that could improve on the ones I have. This morning, I was thinking about how we never seem to bother replacing the toilet paper on the holder, we just tend to set a new roll vertically on top of the empty roll. But wait — what if the toilet paper holder were vertical! We could just pull the old roll off and drop the new roll on! Brilliant! I rushed to google patent search, didn’t immediately see anything. But then I noticed when I typed ‘toilet paper holder v’ google auto-completed vertical. Sure enough, you can get them everywhere, including on Amazon. This will not stop me from designing and printing some for our house, though.

Curing the heater core


The main mechanical components of my 3D printer are done, so now I’m on to the electrical stuff. Here I’m curing the ceramic on my heater core. This part heats up the plastic filament to melt it. I’m getting closer!

MakerGear Mendel Prusa Started


I got this Mendel Prusa RepRap kit from MakerGear a month ago but I just finally started working on it last night. I’m going to try to get it working before Heart Rhythm so I can hand out little printed heart models.