Monthly Archives: March 2005

Trash Can

KDE 3.4 has been installed without much of a hitch (yay Gentoo Linux).

I want to thank the KDE team for the awesome

trash can on the kicker. I’ve been waiting for this for three years as part of my quest to make KDE operate similarly to OS X.

Contrary to what a lot of people do, which is to dress up KDE like OS X, I just want things in the same places so that I take a minimal productivity hit moving from one to the other. Having the trash can on the righthand corner of the kicker (like having the close/minimize/maximize buttons in the upper left) helps with that immensely.

AJP Heart April 1

The table of contents for AJP Heart Circ Physiol, April 1st issue, just came out. It’s a long list and full of interesting stuff. Once I make it through some data analysis I should have some interesting reviews for you in the area of ischemia, and maybe a little infarction if I can get one of my fellow Ph.D. students to guest blog.

Article Reviews

A bunch of the cardiac physiology journals just posted new issues, so I’ll be selecting a few articles over the next few days to review. The first one will be K+ Dependent Regulation of Matrix Volume Improves Mitochondrial Function Under Conditions Mimicking Ischemia-Reperfusion by Korge, Honda, Weiss, and Geffen of UCLA. It’s currently in PresS [sic] with AJP Heart Circ Physiol, if you’d like to take a look. I’ll have an abstract, plus a link for you academically journal-enabled folks, tomorrow or shortly thereafter when I review it.