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As of today Amanda and…

As of today Amanda and I are home owners, we closed today on our house in St. Paul, Minnesota and are both currently driving. She is driving toward St. Paul while I am driving towards Baltimore to be followed by a drive to St. Paul once I pickup the reminder of my belongings. listen

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So, I have been reading…

So, I have been reading Gödel, Escher, Bach lately, which deals a lot with self referential things, and on my way to the bike shop I saw a Charles Schwab billboard that said, “Want a stock tip? Don’t listen to stock tips.” So, the question is, should or should I not listen to the advice on the billboard?

I arrived at the airport…

I arrived at the airport this morning early enough to catch a flight an hour earlier my scheduled flight on Delta(?). However, apparently Delta no longer after standby in order to move to the earlier flight, I would have had to pay $50 so I will just wait until the 7 o’clock flight that I was supposed to take.
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