Monthly Archives: March 2005

Indonique – New Orleans Tea Shop

At Amanda’s suggestion, I rode my bike down to a little Indian tea place called Indonique today to check it out. I’m actually there now, typing this over their free WiFi. You can see a picture at the end of this post. They seem to be pretty up with the times, having a blog and a regular website and all.

They have all kinds of tea out on the counter in jars that you can smell and look at before you buy, a 10% student discount (woohoo!), and bring your tea right to your table. I’m a brand new customer and they were happy to let me just start up a tab. I wasn’t sure about locking my bike up outside, so I called ahead, and they assured me that if I couldn’t find a good spot, I was welcome to bring the bike inside. It’s not a big place, so that’s pretty generous of them.

Anyway, I know I’ve promised a lot and the posts have been sparse at best, but first it was spring break, and now it’s spring break catch-up. This blogging is taking up my entire study break, which ended 2 minutes ago actually. Therefore, without further ado, here’s the pic:


Not that I’m a conniseur or anything, but I just ordered a hot chai, and compared to PJ’s and a few others, this is the best hot chai I’ve ever had, bar none. Also, I just discussed the blog with the owner, George, who said they’re going to have e-commerce up on their website soon.

Spring Broke

It’s been a great spring break, lots going on. I moved into a new apartment at the beginning, went camping with Amanda for a few days, and finished up by running the Crescent City Classic today.

I’m pretty tired as a result of the last item on that list, but I’ll try to write a bit more tomorrow. The email and stuff I need to do really piled up while I was away.

WTF, mate?

A roving band of what looked like, basically, black mardi gras indians with drums just went marching past my apartment and headed down Willow St.

I’m getting used to this sort of thing around here, but does anyone have a clue what it might be?