Monthly Archives: April 2005

Persuasive Arguments

I once read a couple of books by Frank Peretti. They’re very persuasive. The evil force in his latest book, “Monster”, is evolution.

Such ignorance.

Please, people, if you have any questions about how evolution could possibly create you and what you see around you (outside, people created buildings, of course), go read something by Richard Dawkins. Anything, probably.

The last thing we need is a popular christian author using emotional techniques and faulty logic to persuade his readers that evolution is not only wrong, but bad for people to believe.

GRC Entries Complete

I just finished the last of my Gordon Conference backdated entries, which should have been done long ago. Copying notes out of my journal was somewhat arduous, and compounded by the fact that I wasn’t properly dating and number pages in it then like I do with my paper journals now.

I mention in the final GRC post that I need to brush up on my molecular biology, and checking which classes are available is something that I plan to do this afternoon. I’ll probably replace my Cell and Tissue Engineering course with one in molecular biology. I may also need to downgrade my statistics course. Rob scared me talking about how hard the lower level statistics course was, and it’s a prerequisite for this one that I was going to skip. No more.

On with the Next Actions list until I hear from Amanda, at which time I’ll probably transition over to Indonique.

Bye Bye, Slashdot

Slashdot just started putting ads in their RSS feed, and as result, I just unsubscribed. I hear pretty much everything from that feed elsewhere first, now, so I’m not feeling terribly concerned about it.

I’m a little sad to see it go, though. I’ve read that site for years, and it’s where I heard about the 9/11 stuff, which prompted me to turn on the TV in time to see the second plane. Memories…

But, they sold out and stuck ads in my RSS. Too bad.

ADDENDUM: I also just unsubscribed from’s feed. They put ads in also. If I just don’t get to read any news, well, then so be it.