Hugh is Going Exclusive

I read this little comic / marketing blog called Gaping Void. I think the cartoons are amusing, and Hugh has some really interesting stuff to say about marketing. He would probably say he’s talking about the Cluetrain/Hughtrain. Whatever.

I’m inclined, therefore, to think that all this hoopla about limited edition t-shirts with his cartoons on them is a big experiment by Hugh. It’s all about the conversation, he says. His readers picked the shirts.


I bought some business / blog cards via him not long ago, because I thought it would be nice to have a quick way to give people my contact info. Only one design available wasn’t immediatly offensive (which is kind of his style) and I picked it. I would rather I had more input on that than this whole t-shirt thing. Why the exclusivity? I just don’t get it… Who cares if he picked some other company. He could just as easily have picked CafePress and not had to worry about volume.

This strikes me as gimmick all over. I don’t know what he’s about. I like the cartoons, I like the blog, but I’ve got too many t-shirts already, and the designs that were picked aren’t really all that compelling. Blargh.

2 thoughts on “Hugh is Going Exclusive

  1. hugh macleod

    Yeah, what is the fuss all about? I’m making t-shirts the way I want to make them.

    It’s not like any of my readers are paying me to do it differently…

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