Too Negative?

If you check the trackbacks for my last post, you’ll notice that someone stumbled upon my blog via a trackback on Gaping Void, read my latest post, and commented that I probably don’t have a great bedside manner. He said something in his post about learning a lesson, and I think I have.

I need to be outwardly less negative.

Things are going great for me, I think I get along well with the people around me, but often I let too much of what’s not going well dominate conversation. This has actually been an ongoing focus, and I think it still needs a bit of work.

I also must admit that that post was a bit of an experiment. It was what I acutally thought, and would have commented normally, but I was intensely curious what far-reaching effects commenting via trackback might have, rather than leaving my usual short comment on the other person’s blog. Hugh never responded to an email from me, but one trackback post on a controversial subject and there it was. A reply.

It’s fascinating.

One thought on “Too Negative?

  1. Rick Segal


    Thanks for stopping by. I promise, really REALLY promise, I was making a larger point about all this blog, instant information, snap judgements, etc, etc and, well, I picked on you. See, you’re a nice guy, look at that polite (aka restrained) response! It really is fascinating.

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