Today I’ll start with the stats:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
07:00 h 1.269 L 18:16 min 1/2 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

I opened a new bottle of wine today, a Columbia Crest Two Vines cab. It’s not bad. Maybe even good! I haven’t had a cab in a while, but I think this one came off of my recommended list. Speaking of wines, I left a bunch of comments over on this post on gapingvoid. Hugh’s looking for new and interesting wine label designs. The prize is US$2000, so it’d be awful nice if my ideas were used.

I also received some accessories for my Treo 600 today. They are a holster, a folding keyboard, and a self-reeling charge-and-sync cable. My dive slate didn’t get here today because fedex didn’t know I was home.

Veery tired. I did some good work today, really tied up a lot of stuff that’s been dangling loose at work. Today is the first day that I was able to leave work after logging six worked hours. For the past week, something has always come up in the afternoon that prevented me from leaving when the time was up. Today, I came home, and it was nice. Admittedly, I was a big antsy wondering why none of my packages had come yet, and after eating dinner I became a bit sluggish, but in the end I still accomplished some things once I got here.

Now it’s bedtime. Oh, and I drank enough water today.