Whither the Fed-Ex Truck?

Whither the Fed-Ex truck? Or perhaps, just my package. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday, and was not. They left a door tag even though I was home. The buzzer on our apartment doesn’t work, and I haven’t had packages delievered here before, so this is all new to me. I called the number on the door tag, on which was written “COME PICK UP” and was summarily told that I could not in fact pick the package up from its storage place — it’s not accessible to the public. They supposedly don’t even have an outside line. That’s ludicrous — I’m sure it’s just not listed. The friendly gentleman on the phone informed me that they’d try again tomorrow (which is now today).

I decided to wait at home today for the package. I made arrangements. I put out a sign and propped the door. When five-o’-clock rolled around, I drank some half-caff coffee out on the stoop and listened to a podcast, watching for the white truck to roll down the street. Alas, there was none. I came back in around six and called FedEx.

“Sure I can check for you, can you hold?….” five minutes pass, I’m thinking this is a long time to call and check where my package is, “Hello sir? Yes, well, they don’t know why it was never loaded on the truck today… sure, yes you can come pick it up, please hold.” Another four minutes or so, then, “What’s your phone number. Okay, they’ll call you when it’s ready and at the front desk. Goodbye.”

I don’t want to sit around and wait until possibly eight pee-em, when they could finally decide to call me. There was wine in the fridge with my name on it. I called and asked if I could pick it up Monday. No problem. They connected me with the location so that they could give me directions. “Where are you located? U City? We’re right by there.” (gives streets) “They’re back there looking right now. It’s a small package, only one pound. I’m sure it’s right under their noses. Okay, we’ll see you Monday.”

So, FedEx lost my package? Hopefully they will find it by Monday. UPS delivered some packages for me yesterday without event. The downstairs neighbors had warned me that FedEx could be difficult around here. I tried to avoid them, but had no choice on this particular order. This has not bolstered my confidence in FedEx. It sounds like they’ve got a bum driver/distribution center gumming up the works.


I have more to say, but it deserves its own post.