More on the Fed-Ex Saga

Fed-Ex told me this past Monday that they were putting a trace on my package and that I should hear about it within about 48 hours. It’s been nearly a week now, so I called back.

The plot thickens

A very pleasant and helpful customer service representative told me that the scans on my package didn’t make sense. I’m glad it’s not just me. Their records, which are more detailed than those on the tracking page, indicate that the package was delivered at 00:00 on Thursday to an address other than mine, and signed for by one J.LARKEN. It was then scanned at around 05:00 (yes, after it was ‘delivered’) when it was loaded onto a truck for delivery. Later that day, at 16:19, a delivery attempt was made, and the delivery person left a door tag saying that I should come pick up the package. The rest I have already posted about. Briefly, when I went to pick up the package, I was told that J.LARKEN had signed for the package, and that I needed to find that person.

This is very bizarre.

I was advised today that I will need to speak with the distribution center manager, and to call on Monday first thing in the morning, since the distribution centers are not open on the weekend.

I just want the package that I ordered over two weeks ago. Is that too much to ask?