Tekken Tag

My freshman year of undergrad, I spent a fair amount of time in Jordan and Dan’s room playing Tekken Tag on the PS2. Tonight I had the pleasure of playing it once more — and it’s just as addictive as it was then. Sam, Jason, Hermenegild, and myself played for about 4 hours, and they’re still playing. It’s past my bedtime, so I’m going to bed just after this in spite of their protests.

It’s nice to unwind a bit. I worked a lot this week. I even worked nearly four hours today. I know that grad students are never supposed to get time off, but I have been getting a lot done during the week, so I feel that I’ve earned a little R&R on the weekends.

Right now I’m feeling a little buzz thanks to a couple of glasses of “Luna di Luna” white table wine and a glass of Hermenegild’s (I think Dewar’s?) scotch. I also just drank 1.500 L of water, and I should probably have another glass before I go to bed.

Tomorrow, I’m going to get a ton more done — I know it. I need to start my laundry first thing, before the other people in the building do. They use ‘our’ dryer. I put it in quotes because it is connected to our hookups in the basement, but we didn’t bring it. The laundry facilities included with the lease are limited to the hookups. We have to fill the washer with a hose on the rinse cycle.

Anyway, here are today’s stats:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
7.75 h 2.480 L 0.0 min 0.5 cup(s) 3 drink(s)

I can’t wait to go back to New Orleans. I’m getting settled in here, and it feels wrong. I didn’t want to move there in the beginning, but now it’s my home. Soon. Very soon.

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  1. Amanda

    Isn’t it funny how that works? Getting attached to a city you never wanted to move to in the first place? I wanted to go to Tulane, but wasn’t thrilled about NOLA. I tried really hard to settle in and the next thing I knew, I fell in love with the place and now it feels like home. There are many other places I have called home in the past, and I have no qualms about calling NOLA home too. Houston, on the other hand is ok, but it’s not home. I know my way around and feel settled, and I’m not getting lost as much, but it still feels weird.

    I still feel like I’m wearing someone else’s underwear…

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