New items and the evening update

A few points of interest:

I was more productive today than yesterday. I was still not as productive as I should be. I partially blame the delays in transferring files from our cluster to my machine. It’s a little 5-10 minute window of waiting where I don’t want to work on a different project, so I’m tempted to read things on the Internets. I continue to go back and forth with my simulations, as I find little details that cause problems. I’m trying to match conduction velocity with some experimental data, so it’s tweak, tweak, tweak, check fiber directions, tweak, etc.

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Green Tea Alcohol
8 h 2.4 L 18.22 min 2 cup(s) 3 cup(s) 3 drink(s)

My mother bought some Abita Restoration Ale at the grocery store. That’s some damned tasty beer. I had three. My run today was faster than last time, but I had some soreness in my lower legs. I’m using my cheap running shoes from the Target in Duluth, MN, and they’re not so good for me. I left my good running shoes in St.Louis, but I should have brought them to Mandeville. At least the streets in the neighborhood are blacktop and not concrete. I’m doing alright on the coffee and tea. I shouldn’t have had the second cup of coffee, or even a whole first one, but like the kit-kat bars in the pantry, it’s just there, and the temptation is pretty strong. This is why I keep limited amounts (read: none) of snacky-type foods in my apartment. It’s easier to avoid a temptation if it’s not right there in front of you. Also, I was going to take my car in to get the tire patched this morning, but by the time I was able to get a call through they were quite busy. I’ll try first thing tomorrow. First thing is 07:00 in this case, so I’m off to Bedfordshire. Good night.