A blur of a day

I awoke once more at around 05:00, without an alarm, but was a bit slow to get moving. I felt heavy, like I wasn’t meant to be up. No matter, I caught up on my RSS feeds, did my morning pushups and crunches, and remembered that I have today off from running because it’s the weekend. In reality, I should have run anyway since I skipped a few days this week, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

I’ve been setting up and running simulations all day. This takes a bit of time, because I’m running the simulations remotely on our cluster. I have to log in, set up the simulation, submit it, wait for it to finish, zip up the data files (they’re quite big but compress very well), copy them over, load them, play the sequence in the data viewer, and then discover yet again that something’s not quite right with the timing. I’m trying to initiate a spiral wave, and I fear that perhaps the model I’m using is too small. My excitable gap is too narrow. The problem is, this mesh must be relatively fine. Therefore, if I make it larger, my required computational power will increase quite a bit, slowing me down further. I’ve got another try running right now, and I think I’m getting close to the right timing. I’ll check it in the morning and find out.

In the gaps of time between simulation stuff I’ve been playing some Prince of Persia / Sands of Time, reading blogs, pruning my RSS feed list, making some phone calls, eating breakfast, brunch, lunch (with a margarita!), and dinner. Oh yes, skipping exercise and eating more. This is doing me a world of good.

The blog associated with HubMed was full of Mac-friendly goodness today, including links to a bunch of free games for Mac OS X. Most of them are available under the GNU General Public License (a.k.a GPL, free as in speech) and are originally Linux games. One of my favorites, which I played on Linux first, is Frozen Bubble. I have problems copying it to my applications folder for some reason, and have to play it off of the disk image. I was also reminded by the presence of Goban on that list that I should try picking up Go again. But not tonight. Maybe I’ll order a Go book from Amazon once their gift certificiate payment scheme is back up and running. By the way, I hope none of you have sustained any injuries during the post-Thanksgiving commercial feeding frenzy…

I know by this time you must be dying to see the stats for the day. Agonize no longer:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Green Tea Alcohol
8 h 2.5 L 0 min 2 cup(s) 4 cup(s) 1 drink(s)

If I’m going to get eight hours of sleep again, I should get on with my pre-sleep reading, and then crash. Ta ta for now.