Quick brown eyes

When I was a kid, we used to play this game where we’d load up our NERF guns, shut off the lights and block the windows, and basically play a meatspace version of Counter-Strike.

I often seemed to have a competitive advantage against my friend. My eyes would adjust to the darkness more quickly than his. I had heard that eyes with brown irises (I have brown eyes, he has blue) adjust to changes in light levels more quickly, but it was one of those things — who knew whether it was actually true?

Well, guess what? It’s true.

Science. It works, bitches.

2 thoughts on “Quick brown eyes

  1. Maria, who has brown eyes

    Fascinating. I wonder why this is the case. However, it *is* a small “n” and though it may be that the reflex is faster, that doesn’t necessarily mean that our cortices can adapt to the darker faster. Just sayin’.

  2. brock Post author

    Maria: Of course, you’re right. One study does not a theory (nor ever a proof) make. I too am curious as to the reason for these differences.

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