My system is almost ready

Sorry I’ve been posting so little. Things were going so well, several posts a day, then silence.


I’ve been obsessed. Fixated. For the last 6 days, every spare moment I’ve been working on The Perfect System for managing GTD Next Actions. It has (or will soon have) everything I’ve ever wanted in a GTD system. Usable project filtering. Dependent tasks (on an individual basis)! A usable mobile interface. Calendar exporting for items with due dates. Requires only PHP and MySQL. Alas, it doesn’t include any fancy AJAX, only a little javascript.

I moved all of my tasks into it today. I’m still finding quirks. Once I stop finding quirks (and clean up some crufty code — I just learned PHP, MySQL, and the little bit of javascript this weekend, as I went), I’ll set up accounts for a few people to try.

I’ve already got three people interested. Let me know by commenting here if you want to be in on the alpha release.

Here’s a screenshot to tease you with.
phpMyGTD teaser

2 thoughts on “My system is almost ready

  1. Will

    I’d be interested in at least looking at the sourcecode to see if I could help you tweak / optimize it.

  2. brock Post author

    Will: I’d really appreciate it. I have tried not to be too rough on the MySQL server, but I have a feeling I’m still hitting it pretty hard. On the other hand, I don’t really have a reference for how many queries/of what size are “normal”. I’ve already found myself shaking my head at code I wrote 4-5 days ago. As I mentioned, I’ve got some cleaning up to do, but once I’ve gotten rid of code that’s no longer used, etc, I’ll pass it along to you. Thanks!

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