New Treadmill / Treadmill Desk Setup

Treadmill Desk 2013-05-29

New treadmill from wal-mart since the old one died. < $300.

2 thoughts on “New Treadmill / Treadmill Desk Setup

  1. NextDesks

    Hi There,
    Thanks for sharing your treadmill desk setup. It looks great! Just one quick question– is this desk high enough for you? It looks like it might be a bit low, so that your shoulders would be slumping slightly forward when you’re typing. Also, where’s the desk space?
    Don’t get me wrong, it LOOKS great– I just wonder if it is the most practical setup? Check out our new NextDesk Fit– just for comparison sake. It has a much larger surface area for the desk and is adjustable in height, so no matter what, it will be the right height for you.

    Let me know what you think!


  2. Brock Tice Post author

    The desk was actually originally a bit too high. Having changed treadmills it’s now perfect. It was just a matter of an inch or even a half-inch.

    I’m not sure what you mean about the desk space, it’s enormous. It’s a solid-core door. I do have a bunch of stuff on it, but I have enough room for my needs.

    Your desks look nice, but for my needs my setup is quite cheap (total cost without treadmill around $300, and that includes the filing cabinets) and effective. I prefer to stand/walk all day at the desk.

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