I’m doing a lot of catch-up today. You may have noticed that I’ve added another backdated conference entry. There are several more to add, and I won’t be doing them all at once. It’s a bit arduous, especially linking pictures in, and I’ve still got so many other things to take care of that the backdated blog entries are going to have to wait.

Unlike previous attempts at such entries, I do have a lot of the relevant info already written in my travel journal, so it’s largely a matter of sorting and transcription, rather than trying to remember week-old information correctly.

I went and saw Willy Noveck’s (sp?) movie premiere at the Hi-Ho Lounge, A Day in the Life. It was as entertaining as I had hoped, and about twice as entertaining as I expected. Cover was $2, I bought the DVD for $5. $7 is not bad even for a movie ticket depending on where you go, and I daresay this was much more original and interesting than the majority of films seen in your typical theater. Production was also higher quality than I expected. I highly recommend it. If you live near here I’d be happy to let you borrow my copy, but only if you promise to return it. Or I’ll send sharks after you.

I finished Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass on the trip, but unfortunately did not have any other reading material on the trip. Yesterday I picked up The Miracle of Mindfulness, The Selfish Gene, and A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius from my mailbox at work. I had ordered them through Amazon a little bit before we left for CA. If only they’d arrived sooner! This is the cost of free shipping.