Niger 05 Packing List

Here’s what I brought, with X marked next to things I actually used on the trip:

Bug stuff
permethrin X
deet off X

Tech stuff
flashlight X
2-way radio X
gps X
extra batteries X ( about 1/2 of them )
camera X
lens X
film X (4/5 rolls)
cd player X
cds X
pens X
sharpies X
knife X

Health & Meds
first aid kit X
mefloquine X
ibuprofen X
sudafed X
benadryl X (abused it for it’s sleep-inducing side effects when traveling, too)
lip balm w/ sunblock X
calamine lotion tea tree oil X
multivit. X

food from amanda X
trail mix X
gum X

hat X
doo-rag X
travel belt X
4x pair underwear X
2x pair pants X
sandals X
emergency sewing kit
poly blend shirts (coolmax) X
nylon belt X
watch X

Outdoor Equipment
sleeping pads X
tent X
groundcloth X
black garbage bags X
zip-loc bags on everything X
spare ziploc bags X
day pack X
nalgene bottles X
pack rain cover
bungee cord X
cable ties X
mess kit
eating utensils

toothbrush X
toothpaste X
dental floss X
tp X
hair brush X
clippers X
pack towel X
contacts X
lens solution X
glasses X
glasses case X
spare lenses X
lens case X
razor X
shave soap X
mirror X
sunglasses X

travel journals X
passport copies
passport X
us embassy in niger info
jetblue out X
RAM out (casab) X
RAM out (niamey) X
RAM back (casab) X
RAM back (ny) X
jetblue back X
copies of each ticket
sos medevac info
health book X
leisure books X
index cards X
hausa printouts X