A Clockwork Post

Good day O my brothers. I only just this morning finished reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. I’m quite radosty that it included all 21 chapters, my droogs, for the last chapter changes the like, entire tone of the novel.

I had previously viddied the movie, which I now desire to viddy once more, and it unfortunately, omitted like the last lomtick of the novel. Therefore, I recommend that if the movie, as is skazatted piques or piqued your interessovat, thou find a book and have a smot at it.

Now for your regularly scheduled post.

Things are pretty quiet around the domy today, with half of the lab out of town for odin reason or another. I’m ittying to do my weekly review (home version — rabbit was yesterday) and then probably run some errands.

I’ve had this strackful headache for the last tree days, and I can’t quite figure out why. It just occurred to me that it might be my new otchkies, which I’ve been wearing a lot since they arrived, but the prescription is (ignoring a focal-length change) the same as that of my contacts, which heretofore have given me no trouble.

Later in the day, I shall proof and tweak the methods section of my paper before handing it off to Natalia for another smot-over. Things are now ittying much better in the writing department, and I think that I have an improved grasp of how to write a coherent paper in a manner that is both followable and technically acceptable.

I have a lot of stuff bouncing around upstairs that I want to post about, “A lot of strands in the starry duder’s gulliver,” as a feller skazats, but I haven’t quite figured out how and in what soviet I should tolchock those lomticks your way.

Later. This will come later.

Farewell, O my brothers. It is the like, end of the post.