Everbody wants a log

Recently, I started logging all of my work hours. Due to hurricane shenanigans, the plots so far have been rather odd-looking.

As the captions in my gallery say, these are strictly time spent on project and work logistics. These do not include break time. They do not include personal logistics, even those that are tangentially related to or supportive of my work-related activities. This is just time spent writing, setting up simulations, getting necessary documents, sending necessary documents, etc. My total time for September was 34.95 hours. Total time for October was 47.33. This despite the fact that I spent almost two weeks on moving-related activities. I predict that my November numbers will be much higher, since it’s the first month not totally screwed up by Hurricane Katrina-related activities. Total hours for November may be as high as 100 or more.

This logging has been very interesting for me to look back on. As a result, I’m going to start logging other aspects of my life. Minutes of exercise per day. Hours of sleep per day. Volumes of water, of caffeinated beverages, etc consumed per day. I’m debating posting the stats daily, in order to encourage me to blog more. I’m also adding “Blog post” to my nightly checklist, in order to encourage me to keep posting. It’s easy to let a blog atrophy. I have high aims for this blog, so I can’t let that carry on the way it’s been going.

Comments and complaints are welcome, as long as you don’t blog-spam me. That’s been quite a problem lately.