Running Resumes Post – The First

Today I did manage to get up at 05:00, run from around 05:15 to 05:35, and get to work by 07:15ish. I have the actual time in my log, but alas, I am too lazy to pull it out.

Swimming is important. Swimming makes the upper body strong. I really need to look up the pool schedule here at Wash U. I went through all of the trouble and expense of buying swim trunks and some goggles. I might as well use them.

Work today consisted mainly of filling out an AHA fellowship proposal, which I’m not exactly finished with. I’d say I’m 2/3 finished with filling in the forms, and then comes reference forms, mailing reference forms, inserting other documents into the pdf using Adobe Acrobat™, etc.

I also spent some time trying to figure out why Hermenegild’s laptop won’t run our visualization software correctly. It seems to be some kind of problem with a crossmojination of OpenGL libraries of one sort or another. After spending about an hour on it, and checking through all of the usual suspects, I left it to him to fiddle around with it and do some more googling. I’m a little disappointed in Ubuntu on this one, but it could be a cruddy chipset from Intel. It’s the i915 video chip, so if you have any Linux DRI/DRM/OpenGL experience with that chip, please do let me know.

That’s about all for now. There’s some musing going on on the Internets™ about whether Microsoft is really making a change with this online services crap. My guess is, no. They always put the cart before the horse. They design things first to bring in money, and second to perform a useful function. This is not the way of the coming world. The useful function has to be the goal. Making money is artfully tacked on in the background. Not that it shouldn’t be thought of… it’s more of a design issue with the function part.

Anyway, I’m waxing poetic. Here are today’s stats:

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
08:00 h 2.364 L 00:18 1/2 cup equiv. 1 drink