A Glorius Summary

I was up a bit late yesterday due to the movie and the caffeine, ’til 02:00 today to be exact. I set my alarm to 07:00 rather than 05:00, trying not to stray too far from my usual schedule, but my own circadian rhythm woke me at around 06:30. I decided to take my 4.5 hours of sleep and make the most of it.

I almost took a nap at one point, but by then it was too late in the day and I’d have been even worse off tonight than last. So, the glorious summary: I ran through my morning checklist (another post on that, maybe tomorrow), but skipped the running. The 02:00 min of exercise below were my pushups and crunches. My right leg’s a bit sore behind on the side of the calf from running every morning, so I’m giving it a break this weekend. Hopefully with another week of running my legs will strengthen, and these problems will go away. That’s been my experience in the past.

I ran through my calendar for the day — did my “home” weekly review, sorted through the cheques and receipts and whatnot in my inbox, moved some more files around on my hard drive, and so on. I also wrote a little script that uploads my Treo/Palm memos to my webserver every 5 minutes in a secure directory, so that if I need to look something up or copy text and I don’t have my phone/computer/etc handy, I can still get access to the information. I’m doing a lot of automated syncing and backing up with my computers lately, using the wonderful and classic utility, cron.

There are some ideas bouncing around in me starry gulliver about blog posts that I should make — nay — must make. They’re not ready yet. Soon.

Oh, and as for the two drinks noted in the table-ette (tablet?) below … well. The wine was getting old. I had to finish the bottle. I did find myself happy today that I had not gone out carousing with some of my current roommates yesterday evening. I was rather productive today, even on four-point-five hours of sleep.

On the food front, I made Thai Peanut Tofu for dinner tonight. It was fabulous. If you want to see my menu, I just now decided to open it to the public. You can have a look here. It should be updated approximately weekly. E-mail me or comment if you think any of the recipes sound good. Maybe I’ll post pictures of some of them in the future to give you an idea of the deliciosity of my dinners.

Looking back through my food photos (yes, I know) I don’t have the thai peanut tofu. I do have thai peanut linguine. Behold!

Thai Peanut Linguine

It doesn’t look like much. It’s very brown. (That comes from the peanuts, you know). It’s very tasty though. mmm-mmm

Sleep Water Exercise Coffee Alcohol
04:30 h 2.630 L 02:00 min 1/2 cup(s) 2 drink(s)