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For all of Robert Scoble’s complaints about Bloglines, it fits my needs quite well.  I have been using it for some time now, but I took a break and tried running Gregarius on my server.

It has some nice features, but after several weeks I have given up on its current manifestation. It has a lot of potential, but for now it’s not ready for my needs. The clincher is that I can’t read my feeds on my Treo 600 using Gregarius. It’s way too slow — there’s no WAP/low-bandwidth mode.  Bloglines works quite well in that respect.

So long Gregarius, it’s been fun. Maybe I’ll try it again in six months or so.

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One thought on “Back to Bloglines

  1. Marco

    I’m working on a mobile (wap or xhtml-mp) theme, so please step by in a couple months, I hope I’ll have something ready by then.

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