Daily Work Log 2006-07-21

I arrived at work this morning to find the AC off. There was a scheduled shutdown last night, which I knew about, but I neglected to apply that knowledge and stay at home this morning.

I’ve spent a little time this morning trying to install Ubuntu Linux on an external drive attached to my PowerBook 17″ (G4). I had some difficulty getting the advanced install CD to do what I want, so now I’m downloading the LiveCD to try that.

The LiveCD wouldn’t install a bootloader either. I don’t have time to mess with it today.

We spent some time meeting the the IB/VRE people, and they’re off to lunch with Rob and Umar for the moment. Therefore, I’m going to do my weekly review, because it’s that day.

Finished the weekly review. I’m really feeling tired today, and there’s a lot of the day left. I’m taking care of my end-of-week activities, and the next one is to windex my desk (it’s glass). Therefore, I think that’s enough for the day.

Today has not been very productive. This week has not been very productive. I’ve done a lot of things, most of which really needed to be done, but my projects have not moved forward satisfactorily. Blah.