The Cold

I’m dragging pretty badly today, and I think I know why: The Cold.

No, not the one I was coming down with last week. The Cold that seeps in through windows, that slowly takes over the house as the improperly-set thermostat trundles along, thinking everything is okay. When I woke up this morning, freezing cold under my minimal covers, I immediately dove for socks/pullover/etc from the closet.

This is not weather that I’m accustomed to, especially not indoors.

The issue has (hopefully) been remedied — I spent five minutes programming the thermostat this morning and it should be a nice 68 degrees throughout the day and night now. Eventually my body will adjust to these temperatures. A warm last week with a New Orleans weekend left me vulnerable, but last night’s long term chill hopefully got my thyroid working on an adjustment plan.

I need blankets.

4 thoughts on “The Cold

  1. Val

    Are you sure this doesn’t just mean you’re a reptile, you cold-blooded freak?

  2. brock Post author

    Val: No, then I think I wouldn’t feel the cold because my body temperature would just change along with it.

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