13 days left

I’ve still got:

  • my Models of the Neuron Project #2
  • my Models of the Neuron Homework #8
  • my Models of the Neuron Final Exam
  • Assorted Research (300 Cal. per serving)

to do before I drive down to New Orleans and then fly to Seattle for Wintereenmas. Today, despite a marathon 4-hour meeting I managed to:

  • Start my Models of the Neuron Project #2
  • Get my undergrad going with running jobs on the cluster
  • … drink espresso from our kickass FrancisFrancis! X6 (twice)
  • have delicious teriyaki salmon bento lunch

and, our new desktops (for some people in the lab) FINALLY arrived today, after a debacle with Monarch Computer from whom I will probably never order again. Not a bad day despite being über-müde (müde means tired — I know all you geeks know what über means).

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