Next Action Elimination Week

My life is now pretty much back in order. It was rather out of order after 2 months of craziness plus a month of traveling a lot. Nonetheless, I kept capturing thoughts and filing them away in my GTD system, and there they wait. I had a good weekly review on Friday and did a little pruning, and it left me with (as of today) 100 @Lab Next Actions and 132 @Rivendell (my apartment) next actions.

I’m going to make a concentrated effort to knock down Next Actions this week. At one point early in 2007 I was down to something like 15 @Lab next actions. One nice thing about iGTD is that it provides Next Action counts in the Contexts views. These were recently upgraded to show total counts for nested contexts (and projects) when collapsed. The numbers next to each context give me a kind of meter by which to measure my efficacy at getting things done. If the numbers are going up, that’s an indication that (a) I’ve been really creative and lots of things have been coming up to add to my system, (b) there’ just a lot going on and into the system it goes, or (c) I’m not knocking down Next Actions quickly enough. On the other hand, it’s rewarding to watch the numbers drop as I get things done.

I think a reasonable goal for this week would be to get down to 20 Next Actions each in the @Lab and @Rivendell categories. Here it goes!

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