PLoS ONE turns 1

I noticed today the the PLoS ONE blog is celebrating the first birthday of PLoS ONE. It sounds like things have been going pretty well for them since last August:

On 1st August last year, PLoS ONE opened its doors for submission and so we have decided to call today our official birthday.

Most importantly of all though, in the last year, or, at least, in the months from December 2006, we have published 695 pieces of original research. All of that research is, of course, Open Access and all of that research can be annotated by users, discussed by users and for the last few weeks rated by users.

This potential for interaction is unprecedented in any other scientific publication and it is being used to an extremely high standard.

You should go read the whole thing. They have three birthday wishes:

Whenever you write about a published paper, be it in a journal or on a blog, always provide a link to the freely available version of the paper if one exists.

Whenever you read a paper in PLoS ONE, always rate it before leaving.

And most importantly….

Whenever you write a scientific paper, always, always, always publish it Open Access.

I finally signed up today to get notices about articles in PLoS Computational Biology and PLoS Medicine. (Where’s PLoS Computational Medicine, hmm?)