New header images

My new header images are done, courtesy of Gerit Kreuzer-Plank. I’m quite happy with how they’ve turned out. We tried to include relevant imagery for each of the major subsets of pages on the blog/site.

Come view the Real Thingâ„¢ rather than the RSS feed if you have a moment!

2 thoughts on “New header images

  1. Maria

    Hi Brock. 🙂 The headers are, indeed virtually shocking! My first thought was along the lines of “oh my… the Borg have arrived… binary hearts…”. I’m not sure if I’m more ashamed that I thought Borg… or that I’m admitting it in your comment box.

    So is that a Treo in your digitized hand? or a Blackberry? (I have neither, so forgive any potential ignorance. I know about the Borg, though. Just to be clear.)

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