Connectivity Heaven

Today has been a good day for my connectivity in various ways:

  • I upgraded to the Total Internet package from T-mobile. For an additional $16/month, I get T-Mobile HotSpot access on WiFi and unrestricted access on (and through) my phone. I also hacked on my modem script for my phone a bit. It turns out my computer kept asking for an IPv6 address, and the T-Mobile server would say, “Homie don’t play dat!” and kick me off of the line. This little command let me get a connection through my phone over bluetooth: sudo networksetup -setv6off Bluetooth.
  • Finally got bluetooth stereo headphones, the Plantronics Voyager 855. Doubles as a mono bluetooth earpiece and stereo headphones. I can now use A2DP from Mac OS X and my phone to listen to music wirelessly. I can also change tracks, pause, play, adjust the volume, and flip between Skype and iTunes (on the computer) or the MP3 player and the phone (on my cell phone). Very groovy baby.

I have been waiting so long for stereo bluetooth headphones — I’m happy to say I finally found a pair that work well, and are well worth what I paid for them.