64-bit Carbon (where are you?)

Dear Apple,
Doing away with 64-bit Carbon was a very bad idea. I am not pleased. It has made my life very difficult.


2 thoughts on “64-bit Carbon (where are you?)

  1. brock Post author

    There are two main programming frameworks for making graphical programs in Mac OS X. The older one, Carbon, is basically a port of the older Mac OSes’ programming framework. The newer one, Cocoa, is entirely new in Mac OS X.

    I need 64-bit support for some of my programs, because I’m loading models and data sets that are larger than 4 GB. However, just about every programming kit that is used by our tools depends on Carbon. Since Apple canceled 64-bit Carbon, there is no way to compile those programs with 64-bit capabilities. Thus, I can’t load my large models.

    I love Mac OS X, but sometimes I really want to go back to Linux. 64-bit support in Linux has not been a problem for a long time.

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