Fun With Spam

A friend of mine from my undergrad days at Tulane decided to have some fun with subject lines from SPAM in his Inbox. He assigned each subject line to an appropriate celebrity/persona. Here’s an example:

Oscar Meyer: “What you need is an award winning wiener.”

Seems like a fun game! The whole post is here. Here are a few I came up with from my Junk folder:

  • Ted Haggard: A pastor from FloridaColorado calls parishoners to have sex every day.
  • Lawrence Fishburne: Want to act like a pornstar? Take a bluepill!
  • Christopher Reeve: Become a super-man!
  • He-Man: Be the master of the universe, with a huge broadsword in your pants?

What can you come up with? (Also, better suggestions of celebrities/characters for the lines above are welcome.)