Coffee Temperatures

Observation: Iced coffee and hot coffee asymptotically approach the same taste as they sit in a cup on your desk.

5 thoughts on “Coffee Temperatures

  1. Amanda

    Whoops, accidentally left my comment on the LJ feed instead of the real post:

    1) Except iced coffee is usually watery due to the ice.

    2) Why asymptotically? Let’s say they didn’t have ice in the ice coffee (just for simplification), then when they reach the room temp, they should both taste the same. What is your reason behind the asymptote?

  2. brock Post author

    Technically you are correct about the asymptote. It’s more like exponential decay.

  3. David

    Actually then if the two lines (plotting taste) would meet at some point and then the iced coffee would then become weaker (or more different than regular coffee). I don’t drink coffee but that is my theory.

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