Career Day

Career Day

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I discovered that my scanner will automatically crop out separate photos from the scan bed and load them all into iPhoto. I’ve been scanning all of my old photos so that they can’t be taken away from me by another natural disaster.

I won’t be posting them all to Flickr, and I won’t be highlighting them all on my blog, but this one deserves attention. I’ll paste my photo caption from Flickr:

In this eerily accurate photo, my sister and I pose before going off to career day. My sister dressed as a business woman (and ended up going to business school). I dressed up as a scientist, absent-minded and with a hand full of calculus. If I’d known how dangerous the stuff on that piece of paper was, I would have dropped it. Here I stand, a scientist all these years later.

ADDENDUM: Please don’t ask me to do triple integrals.