SpendingCash Posted to the Android Market

SpendingCash 0.3

SpendingCash 0.3

I posted my first for-pay app to the Android Market yesterday. It’s something I wrote because I couldn’t find anything like it. It’s very simple, and the point of it is to simply track one’s spending within weekly and monthly budgets.

I have tracked, using a spreadsheet, my disposable income for at least five years. I used to take out my weekly budget in cash every week, but now I work at home and so most of my spending is online via credit cards. I wanted something that would let me track how much of my budget I had left and tell me how long I had to stretch that money.

My first thought was to produce some sort of thin, credit-card-sized device that would do it, but I realized that would be too time consuming and expensive. Instead, I wrote this simple Android app. After all, I pretty much have my phone with me at all times, so I’d never be far from entering my expenditures.

I hope that there are people out there that have a similar need and are willing to pay $1 to have that need met. The first 24 hours have not been promising, but in the end I have an app that I like, and I guess if people eventually try it and decide they like it as well, it’ll be a little extra spending cash for me.

I made a simple site for the app: SpendingCash

Would this sort of thing interest you? Why or why not? Do you think it’s worth $1?