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Updated Contact Information

Since I’m not going to be able to check my work snail-mail box very often, I signed up for a P.O. Box here. I also am no longer able to receive faxes. All of my contact information has been updated accordingly on the contact page.

I may be reachable in Canada

It turns out that we’re now staying in a hotel rather than with Amanda’s grandparents, and the hotel has internet access. I don’t know how good it will be, but it may be good enough for VoIP. If that’s the case, my 651 number (on the contact page should reach me, as well as email.

Out of Country Notice

I’ll be in Canada until Sunday afternoon (2008-06-15). I won’t be answering calls and will have my phone off most of the time. If you have my mobile number, the best way to reach me is to send me an SMS. I’ll return all calls on Monday the 16th.

Show up early, shop often

Commercials try to get us to buy, sure, but rarely have I heard something so overt as the Air Mall ads at MSP.

“With all of the selection, I don’t mind showing up early for my flight at all!”

“Come early for your flight, and make sure to shop as often as possible!”

(Emphasis not mine, sentences may not be accurate word-for-word.)

TV ads just did something I thought not possible — they got more annoying.

Back in the Swing

After just more than two weeks of mayhem, I’m finally settling into my routine in our new home and my new home office. This will be immediately disrupted tomorrow by an early flight to Baltimore, then a drive to Arkansas for a wedding, then a trip to Canada to visit family.

When we return home in June, I’ll start trying to settle again. Hopefully it won’t take quite so long then, as there will be less settling in to do.

I’ll try to post pictures and updates when possible.